Stone Repairs

Stone repairs that conserve

the original appearance of

your stone property.

Resorting stone exteriors

to their former glory.

Commerical Stone Repair Contractors

Our expert stonemasons apply their years of training, skill and experience to repair and renovate stone and restore their original beauty. Our teams' stonemasons can work with any detail of exterior stone on and around a building, from steps and kerbstones all the way up the façade taking in cornerstones, copings, pillar caps and windowsills.

Our Stone Repair Service

The UK is renowned for its beautiful stone buildings, none more so than in London. A great proportion of our work is carried out in the Greater London Area where every example of stone building design can be found. We are adept at natural stone repair in all scenarios working across buildings old and new.

Layered over this complexity is the fact that there are many types of stone repair skills required and, with our extensive team and many complex projects, we have found we can always draw on specialist prior experience.

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Why Use Us For Stone Repairs?

Long Term

When Spectrum undertake any work, the aim is to locate and repair any damage that has occurred on the property and prevent future dilapidation. All repairs we provide are not carried solely to improve the appearance of the property but also for the building's integrity.

Eye for

Stonework often features fine, ornate details, especially on heritage buildings. To ensure repairs match the details of the stonework, it is important to only use trained stonemasons as contractors for stone repairs. Our team of stonemasons not only have experience in repairing a range of different stone substrates, but also have a trained eye for detail.


Through the use of abseiling for repairs at height, we can provide unbelievable results without the use of scaffolding. By avoiding scaffolding, we are able to work more efficiently and provide our clients with cost-savings upwards of £30k.

What Are Stone Repairs?

Stonemasonry is the craft of shaping rough pieces of rock into accurate geometrical shapes. The resulting stones can be simple or highly complex, which are then arranged often with mortar to form structures.

Stone repair is the work undertaken on existing buildings where environmental elements such as pollution, algae growth or structural problems have led to damage which needs to be addressed to ensure the long-term value, quality and stability and breathability of the structure.

Where stone has started to crumble or deteriorate, the extent and depth of the damage generally dictates the best solution. In any project, the first step is likely to be cleaning to ensure a level starting base for understanding and making choices on treatment, colour and stone renovation.

With minor damage, repairs can often be as simple as skimming or stone-patching with a tested and colour-matched wet mortar mix. This works best with eroded or smaller missing sections or to sharpen the contours of decorative detailing. The idea is that when it dries, it appears seamless with the original stone.

With major repairs requiring the replacement of stone blocks, we assess the project and take steps to order matching stone and, if necessary, have matching details carved in advance by a stonemason in a workshop. If a full match cannot be found, we use the closest match and colour tint or skim to achieve the final effect required, working in partnership with our client.

The skill of the stonemason is critical as any repair materials must match the porosity and other general characteristics of the original stone, to ensure the long-term viability of the repair.

Why Might Your Building Require Our Stone Repairs Service?

All buildings are subject to the Water Cycle which sees in varying climatic conditions them subjected to temperature, solar radiation, airflow which vary whether the water is present as a gas, liquid or solid. Regional variations and orientation of the building also bring other conditions into play. On North facing elevations biological matter agents such as algae will become more prevalent, whilst airborne carbonic pollutant will be deposited on surfaces. Buildings in coastal areas will also be subject to salt deposition from airborne sea spray close to the coast. The result is the stone's weathering, which can either add to the patina of a building or make it look dilapidated and neglected. At some point, the effects of this constant change in temperature and climate will lead to visible damage, resulting in structural problems if left untreated.

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What Do Stone Repairs Include?

Deep Cleaning

For general surface cleaning we use the DOFF system where the machine heats water to a very high temperature but at low-pressure water, avoiding further damage. When faced with carbon pollution which affects the building’s “breathability” we use a TORC machine.

Colour Matching

We will always endeavour to find a near-perfect match, sourcing from original quarries if possible. By sending a small sample of the stone to a laboratory, we can find precise colour matches that allow us to provide a seamless repair.

Cost Efficiency

We work from ropes, abseiling down building exteriors to review and action stone repairs and restoration. This provides our clients with significant savings in project time and scaffolding costs as we avoid scaffolding as a policy. This approach is also less disruptive in busy commercial or residential city environments.

Our Accreditations

What Our Stone Repairs Customers' Say

S. Wilkes

Property Manager

Thank you Spectrum for going above and beyond when repairing the stone buildings I manage! Not only did their team manage to make the repair blend in with the rest of the building, but they took they also cleaned the area and colour matched the repair.

J. Dhre

Property Manager

Spectrum's Stone Repair service is brilliant. Their team of skilled has given the stone property I manage a fresh appearance.

P. Taylor


For excellent repairs on the exterior of your stone building, I recommend going to the team of contracrtors at Spectrum.

T. Treynor

Property Manager

The operatives at Spectrums deliver high-quality and, most importantly, durable stone repairs that will past the test of time.

What Our Google Reviews Say


Paul Hall5 months ago

Spectrum have provided us with roof repair and rope access services. A pleasure to work with. Very responsive over the phone and over email. We will recommend and use their services again in future.

Jack Hankey2022 years ago

I have been working with Spectrum for around a year, using them on various sites for various works. Always very professional and carry out works to a very high standard.

Anna Novak1 week ago

If you're looking for a reliable and trusted window-cleaner company, look no further! Their work is always impeccable, the support team is incredibly kind, it's a flexible company and they respond immediately.

Lennie D'Cruz4 months ago

Very happy with the work carried out cleaning the solar panels on the roof of two houses.

Chris Sansom10 months ago

Very helpful and friendly guys. Shaky English, but that didn’t really matter - they got the job done remarkably quickly and, as far as I can tell, thoroughly, showing me photos of the work afterwards. They even, at my request, put what they got out of the gutters in a bucket to go on our compost heap!...

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One of our specialities is stone restoration. 👊

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🤝 We pair stonemason qualifications with our patented technology bringing forth the most impressive results, every time. 

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Stone Repairs in Holborn, London

Our expert team transformed these stone steps in just 3 days!

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This was a stone repair project that our expert team undertook a couple of weeks ago and the results were flawless, the finished product was time-efficient, cost-effective and brought a big smile to our client's face.

As the weather is getting better and the sun is starting to shine for longer, it's the perfect time to restore and transform your stone exterior. ☀️

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Stone Repairs in Richmond, London

Stone is one of the most popular building materials due to its aesthetic effect, but to maintain the benefits and for your stone to look as impressive as it should, you need to regularly clean it.

Ensure that your stone property always looks its best and work with our friendly team at Spectrum.👊

Providing detailed, cost-effective and long-lasting results. 

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Stone Repairs in Wimbledon, London

Cleaning a stone exterior is far more complicated than you may think; it must be carried out by experts, with specialist equipment to ensure optimal results.

Our team come equipped with essential knowledge and skill. So, visit our website today to learn more about how we can save your stone exterior:


Stone Repairs in Richmond, London

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Stone Repairs in Chelsea, London

Does your stone need a refresh?

Stone needs to be cleaned by specialists using professional equipment. Our IRATA trained abseiling team can effectively and safely provide this service for you.

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Stone Repairs in Wandsworth, London

If your facade is made of stone, inevitably over time it'll start to lose its shine and will become dirty . Our highly trained abseilers are here to help you, and they are able to thoroughly clean every element of your stone property!

Let us reform your building to its former glory. 

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Stone Repairs in Wimbledon, London

Our team here at Spectrum deliver specialist stone cleaning all year round. 

It's so critical to maintain the cleanliness of your building, not only for it to look flawless but so that long term damage is avoided. For example, when dirt and moss spawn onto your surface this can lead to animals to seize shelter there. 

So, let's look after your building together 👊.
Click the link here to learn more : https: //


Stone Repairs in Wimbledon, London

Due to the porous nature of stone, it is important that stone exteriors are kept free from any stains or organic matter to ensure the substrate can breathe. When the breathability of the substrate is blocked, it is prone to cracking and crumbling, requiring repairs from expert teams of stonemasons like our own.👊

Book our Stone Repair service here:


Stone Repairs in Belgravia, London

To effectively remove carbon stains and efflorescence from stone buildings, specialist cleaning systems are required. 

To ensure these stains do not grow back, TORC machines, DOFF machines, and specialist solutions are a necessity! Learn more about our specialist stone restoration service here:


Stone Repairs in Chelsea, London

Algae on stone exteriors are not just unsightly but, as algae block the pores of the substrate, it can also lead to future repairs.

In this recent project, our team showed off just how easily our industrial equipment can clean algae from stone exteriors, leaving the substrate looking aesthetically pleasing and safe from damage. 👍

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Stone Repairs in Putney, London

Stone is historically one of the most classic substrates used to build properties in the U.K. and is featured in some of the most iconic buildings in the country, including Buckingham Palace and St. Paul's Cathedral. 

This substrate, though, is renowned in the property restoration industry for its gentle nature and its special requirements. 

In this blog, our team of professional abseilers share how utilising rope access for stone repair projects can help provide a range of cost and time benefits while also conserving your stone's exterior layers. 👏

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Stone Repairs in A Location

Property managers with stone buildings - our Ultimate Guide to Stone Cleaning and Conservation is for you! 😄

We want you to have a property you are proud of, so our Spectrum operatives have detailed the best methods for restoring stone facades.

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Stone Repairs in Guildford

The combination of DOFF cleaning and Spectrum's innovative 3D printed systems allowed our operatives to remove years of stain buildup from this stunning Guildford stone property. 🤩

High-temperature steam applied using our access solutions were able to kill organic matter from the entire facade, along with discolouration being quickly loosened and removed by the super-heated water.

Read our latest article and discover the steps taken by our operatives to transform the building's facade:


Stone Repairs in Windsor

In this recent project, our team displayed the power of combining our steam led Stone Cleaning service with our expertise in rope access!

Not only did the team transform the face of this stone building, but they were able to reach the full exterior of the property by working via rope access.💪

Discover the full details of our Stone Cleaning service here:


Stone Repairs in Whitehall, London

Did you know one of the primary reasons London is filled with beautiful stone architecture is a result of the mass carnage from the Great Fire in 1666? 🧐

As the city rebuilt itself after the fire, the majority of important buildings were built with Portland stone. While this substrate is more durable, it is not indestructible and is prone to crumbling from a lack of breathability due to stains!

Visit Spectrum's website to learn just how important regularly cleaning your Portland stone buildings can preserve their pristine:


Stone Repairs in South Kensington, London

Despite what many contractors may claim, there is no quick-fix trick to remove efflorescence stains from stone facades! Instead, it takes expertise tools like a TORC/Jos machine and time.⏰

Learn more about how our TORC cleaning system removes efflorescence through repeated application on our website: