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Doff Stone Cleaning - Stone Restoration

What is DOFF cleaning?

The DOFF cleaning machine exerts water at a much higher temperature than your average steam washer, reaching a temperature of around 150 degrees celsius. This method also uses low water pressure to ensure no damage to the substrate during the cleaning process, making it a perfect tool when working on more fragile historic structures or stone statues. The DOFF steam cleaning machine is wholly used to improve the aesthetic of any facade, providing a deep and effective clean. 

The importance of cleaning your stone

Keeping your property properly maintained and cleaned is crucial in ensuring its health, especially in the UK when the weather can be harsh and damaging for natural materials, such as stone. For example, debris such as moss and algae can gather on the surface of your stone, and not only does this look unappealing but this can create shelter for unwanted pests, leading to much larger and more expensive problems in the long term. 

Specialists who are equipped with specialist equipment are essential when you want a thorough and effective clean. Our expert team use the DOFF steam cleaning machine to transform and revitalise stonework, which leaves our client’s exterior with the most impressive results every time. 

Why do we use the DOFF machine to clean stone?

Instead of using a potentially damaging water jet to clean your stonework, the DOFF steam cleaning tool with the effective combination of heat and low pressure ensures that unwanted stains and matter are removed without eroding or causing any damage to the surface. The DOFF tool can be used to remove a vast variety of impurities from stone, such as paint, graffiti, algae, moss, grease and the list just goes on. 

Why use us?

Our operatives have immense experience when it comes to using the DOFF cleaning machine, from the removal of paint to pollutants, we can abolish it all.

Are you unsure whether our team can reach the staining on your property that may be in an elevated position or an awkward corner? Well, when it comes to means of access we have it all covered. All of our experts are IRATA ( Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) trained meaning that our preferred form of access is via rope. Abseiling not only allows us to reach every corner of your stone property but it's the safest and most cost-effective means of access there is.

If you want to save some money on your next stone restorations service, then our team at Spectrum is your answer.

Get in touch

Our friendly team are more than happy to answer any queries or questions that you may have regarding the best solutions for your stonework, so do not hesitate to get in touch today. 

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