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A Property Manager’s Guide to a Stone Cleaning Service - Stone Building Conservation

Stone has been an essential building material for hundreds of years, thanks to its incredible durability and beautiful finish. However, constant exposure to the elements and pollution can lead to the stones becoming dirty and discoloured.

This can make buildings look older and more tired than they are, particularly in major cities such as London, where pollution levels are higher. Opting for a stone steam cleaning service can help to renovate the appearance of a building, improving its valuation and maximising the lifespan of the material by allowing it to properly breathe.

What are the Benefits of Stone Cleaning?

When it comes to keeping your property looking its very best, stone property conservation is an essential part of the regular maintenance of your building. Stone is one of the most durable and versatile materials on the market, which makes it a highly popular choice for buildings. However, it can also become dirty incredibly quickly.


Regularly maintaining your residential and commercial stone property offer a wide range of benefits, including:

What to Look for in a Stone Cleaning Service

When it comes to cleaning stone properties in London, then there are a number of services that you need to consider. The two most effective ways to protect your stonework while maximising the cleaning procedure are:


1)     DOFF Cleaning Services

When finding a stone cleaning service that you can trust, one of the first things that you should check is that they provide a stem stone cleaning service. This is an essential part of ensuring your stonework remains in the best shape possible.


DOFF cleaning utilises a high-temperature steam system to clean the materials, ensuring that it is a very gentle clean that uses minimal water. This type of cleaning also means all moss, algae and fungus is removed.


2)     TORC/JOS Cleaning 

Another important consideration for finding the right stone steam cleaning company for your property is to examine if they offer TORC or JOS cleaning. This is the process of using a low-pressure vortex of air, inert powder and water to create a powerful cleaning result.


TORC cleaning can effectively remove carbon deposits, dirt, micro-organisms, and atmospheric pollution with ease without causing any damage.


Alongside these two key services, you should also make sure that your chosen stone cleaning service offers effective lead paint and graffiti removal services, ensuring your stonework remains in the very best condition.

Looking for Stone Cleaning in London? 

Cleaning stone properties in London can be a complex task, which is why you want to ensure that you are working with the very best cleaners possible. Here at Spectrum Specialist Support, we know the importance of stone property conservation.


It is vital to maintain the exterior of your property, and our highly experienced team can provide DOFF Cleaning and TORC Cleaning stone services and much more to ensure that your building remains in the best possible shape aesthetically and structurally. We offer a full spectrum of stone property conservation services designed to help you keep your property in the very best condition possible, including stone colour matching and stone repairs. Discover our full range of stone refurbishment solutions through our Stone Works service!


At Spectrum, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality cleaning services possible, and our innovative solutions have been designed to save you both time and money. Our highly skilled team is trained to work across a wide range of commercial properties of any shape and size. By utilising abseiling, we are able to offer our clients scaffold-free stone restoration services!

We know that no two buildings are the same, which is why our highly trained staff create bespoke treatment plans for each project. Choosing the wrong cleaning service can result in cracking, staining and discolouring, which is why Spectrum Specialists guarantee the highest standard of cleaning possible.


Want to find out more? Get in touch today and find out how we can help you.

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