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Stone Cladding Cleaning - Stone Works

What is stone cladding?

With the look of stone but without the expense, stone cladding is a thin layer of natural or artificial stone that's applied to create the effect that the wall or property is made entirely of stone. A lot of people choose stone cladding as a cost-effective way to improve the aesthetic of their exterior. 

This may be a great alternative to natural stone construction, however maintaining it is just as important as having it. Regular cleaning is definitely essential so that it can continue to retain its benefits.

How we clean stone cladding

There are a variety of different stone cladding types that require alternate cleaning methods so it’s not as straightforward as just one standard cleaning process.

Our preferred approach is the TORC cleaning machine. The TORC cleaning system is a low-pressure vortex that uses a mixture of air, fine inert powder and a small amount of water. This method is particularly effective in removing dirt and all variations of atmospheric pollution from stone. 

The TORC stone cleaning tool is delicate enough to ensure that no damage is caused to the valuable face of your stone but powerful enough to eliminate all of the unwanted matter, leaving your stone cladding as good as new.

The benefits of using our team at Spectrum

Here at Spectrum, we take pride in providing the most professional and thorough services with every project that we carry out, and for any building maintenance company to be able to do this they must hold the correct expertise and knowledge, which we do.

If you didn’t already know, Spectrum’s desired form of access is via rope, and with this follows numerous amounts of benefits. The use of abseiling instead of scaffolding allows our team to reach every corner of your property, so if you think we can’t access your stone cladding, think again. 

Not only does rope access make our experts more flexible in being able to reach any awkwardly placed cladding, but it’s also the most cost-effective option. We have saved our previous clients upwards of £25k on their major works project just from means of access alone. 

Communication between our clients and us is something we find very important. After each project, we prepare a fully detailed report full of videos and images of the finished project. We also include any extra information that you might find useful regarding your property.

Get in touch with us

So, if your stone cladding is in need of a re-fresh then do not hesitate to reach out to our team today so that we can start transforming it! Feel free to ask our friendly team any enquiries or questions that you may have regarding any service here.

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