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How We Repair Stone - Stone Works


Spectrum’s Stone Repair Service

Here at Spectrum, our team of skilled operatives trained in all aspects of stonework and specialized in cutting, preparing and building with stone possess a high level of knowledge on all matters associated with Stone. This enables them to carry out an effective and trustworthy stonework refurbishment every time.

How Do We Carry Out Our Stone Repairing Services? 

Stone repairs can have a very complex process to ensure seamless and flawless results. Our aim is always to deliver pristine results with no complaints.

The first process that we undertake is to deep clean the stone. We do this with the DOFF cleaning machine tool, where superheated steam at 150 degrees C  but at low water pressure is used to thoroughly clean the stone structure.  The low pressure but high temperature of the DOFF machine means that damage to the stone surface is avoided. 

However, in some cases, the building’s “breathability” has been affected by pollution such as carbon which prevents the escape of naturally occurring moisture within the stone from escaping.

In these cases, we use a TORC machine. This machine by creating a swirling vortex delivered by the specially designed head and at a low pressure consisting of air, water and a very fine granulate. It leaves the stonework in a stain-free condition, sympathetically, without causing any damage to the surface layer of the stone.

After the cleaning processes, any repairs are carried out by an application of breathable stone repair material, which is colour matched so a seamless repair can be achieved. To ensure a near-perfect colour match is achieved a small sample of the stone is sent to a specialist laboratory for matching. 

The importance of Stone Repairs

Do I really need my stonework repaired you may ask? Yes, yes you do. Weathering can really take a toll on the value and aesthetics associated with your property. The minor stone damages that you may ignore can very quickly transform into a much larger problem. This will increase expenses in the long term and can lead to various other problems being formed. 

When our specialist team undergoes a stone repair service it’s not only to enhance the appearance of your building, but also to ensure structural integrity of whole stone structure. 

Why Use Us For Your Next Stone Repair Project

We have a clinical eye for detail when it comes to repairing stone, and this is evident in our complex yet effective process in professionally re-constructing your stone surfaces.

The benefits of our abseiling services that we provide for relevant stone repairs, means that our projects are very cost effective. Not requiring scaffolding is not only a lot less disruptive to you but it’s also so much cheaper for your pocket. 

Get In Touch

Our team are always ready and open to any questions and queries about stone maintenance. We’re awaiting your call to re-store your damaged stone!

Get in touch with a member of our expert team today to arrange your next stone repair project.



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