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How To Repair Stone Steps - Stone Works


Stone Repairs

When your stonework is chipped, cracked or broken, it can really detract from the overall look and value of your property. You may be thinking that you need to replace your stoneworks or, in this case, your stone steps, but you can save yourself both time and money and work side-by-side with our stonemason team that can repair and restore your stone steps seamlessly.

How We Repair Stone Steps

A stone step repair service is a lot more complex than you may think. In order to ensure a successful repair, there are multiple restoration services that our team follow. Our goal in every project is that we never disappoint and always deliver the most immaculate results, with no complaints.

First, our team deep clean’s your stonework with our most effective cleaning tool, the DOFF machine. The DOFF machine heats up to 150 degrees at a low water pressure providing a thoroughly cleaned surface with all potential damage to the face of your stone avoided. Cleaning the stone before we undertake the repair step of the project is so important in finding any other cracks or defects that might not have been noticed by the naked eye.

Following this, any and all needed repairs are carried out by a ‘breathable’ stone repair material that is mixed and made in a laboratory. This ensures the perfect colour match to the rest of the stone, resulting in the most seamless repair possible.

The Benefits Of Using Spectrum 

We are specialists in this field when it comes to anything to do with stone, with an eye for detail and a certificate in expertise, our stone repair projects continuously impress.

Not only do our stonemasons provide you with long-lasting repairs, leaving you feeling proud of your property again, but we also supply you with a detailed report after the service is complete. Our reports contain images and videos from the site along with additional information that you may find useful regarding the care and maintenance of the rest of your building.

Make your life easy, choose a trusted contractor, choose Spectrum. 

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