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Why is my stonework damaged?  - Stone Repairs

Here at Spectrum, we take great pride in saying that we are a stone specialist restoration company that works and provides services nationwide.

Inevitably, your stonework will be affected by weathering and pollution, meaning that it won’t always look like it's in its prime condition throughout the years. 

But, do not fear, our specialist team of stonemasons can restore and repair your stone back to its former glory. 

Why You Should Care For Your Stone

You may be asking yourself: “is it really that important to care for/conserve my stonework?” 

Well, if you want your property to continue to hold its value and avoid expensive replacement costs in the future, then maintaining your stone, and repairing it as soon as the damage is visible, is crucial.

Common Issues

Stone damage is a very common problem for property managers throughout the UK, and there are reasons for these defects.

Certain stone types such as limestone can be negatively affected by acid rain, and when these stone surfaces encounter rainwater that's mixed with acidic compounds, they can begin to disintegrate. Leaving the surface, of your once-perfect stone facade, appearing dull and cracked.

In more severe cases, stone can decay. Stone begins to decay when there's moisture entering the surface, and this unwanted moisture is unable to escape from the stone. Eventually, the stone will begin to decompose.

Human contact can be another reason why your stonework is beginning to break down. If you have stone steps for example, if you regularly walk and use these steps then you can’t expect them to shine as much as they once did, when they were first installed.

However, in most cases, the damage to your stone is completely reversible. You’re just in need of a team of experts to restore it for you.

Why Use Us?

Not only do we hold the knowledge and skill in being able to amend any defect to your stone structure, but when it comes to accessing your stone, we offer the most creative and cost-effective options for you.

We provide rope access solutions when it comes to repairing stonework that's located in higher corners or levels. Saving you time, money and disruption throughout the stone repair and restoration project.

Learn more about our abseiling services here.

Get in Touch

Contact our friendly team today to arrange a free quotation, lets get your stonework back to its former glory.

Contact us today.

Why is my stonework damaged?  1Why is my stonework damaged?  2Why is my stonework damaged?  3Why is my stonework damaged?  4
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