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Why is my stonework turning black? - Stone Restoration


Whether your property is wholly made of stone or only partially, the use and desire for this charming material is rising, but why?

Here are some of the benefits of stone:

Aesthetic Appeal 

Stone adds elegance to a home which increases its kerb appeal. The vast range of different types and colours can really add a personal touch to your property, and increase its value.

Sustainability and Durability

Natural stone walls can last up to 100 years or more, making this material exceptionally durable and of low maintenance. 

Building Protection

The thickness of stone walls makes them highly protective from the elements (such as high-speed winds and storms.) Keeping you and your property safe.

Effective Insulation

Stone’s thermal mass provides natural insulation which helps the planet and saves you money on energy bills.

There are a great number of benefits for stone however, maintaining and restoring this material is where a specialist is needed, and where our team of stonemasons can assist you.

Why is my stonework turning black? 

Are you starting to notice some black patches or mould-like growth on your stone? 

Whether that be your stone patio, stone ledge or stone walls, it's an unpleasing visual inconvenience but a completely common problem. 

These black spots are formed by a fungus that thrives in damp shady areas. While these black stains don’t necessarily damage your stone surface, these mould spores are unwanted and are downright ugly. 

Leaving this problem untreated, will lead to the spread and growth of this black mould. It’s advised that you get a specialist to treat and restore your stonework as soon as the problem is first noticed.

How Can I Get Rid of These Black Marks?

A specialist is essential when it comes to the removal of a black surface on your stonework, as this ensures that the delicate stone exterior is not damaged during the process.

We utilise a handful of effective stone cleaning machines and techniques that varies depending on each different stone type and material. To ensure the most successful results the first step to any stone restoration project is a full site analysis, where our team comes to assess the stonework and then deciphers a plan.

TORC Stone Cleaning - One of our most effective stone cleaning tools is the TORC system. This exerts a low-pressure vortex which uses a mixture of air, fine powder and water. The machine removes micro-organisms, such as fungus and mould, cleaning the stone without damaging the surface. Learn more about this tool here.

DOFF Stone Cleaning - This is a high-temperature and low-pressure machine that effectively removes unwanted and stained surface coatings on stone. Learn more about the DOFF steam cleaning machine here.

Get in touch with us today to arrange your free quotation and start the transformation of your stonework.

Spectrum’s Approach

A History Of Success

Our team of stonemasons can restore your stone facade back to its former glory, so don’t worry if your discoloured stonework looks ‘unfixable’ - we can assure you that these defects are completely reversible.

Creative Access Solutions

We are renowned for our cost-effective access solutions. We take pride in all of our specialists being IRATA trained - meaning that we cut the costs of scaffolding. Learn more about our abseiling services here. 

We can access the most complex buildings smoothly and keep within your budget. 

So if you think that the stone element on your property is out of reach and can’t be properly cleaned and restored? Think again. 

Reporting and Results

After each project, we deliver the client a full report containing images and videos of the finished surfaces, along with any other advice and information regarding the maintenance go your building. 

Get in Touch

Contact our friendly team with any queries that you may have regarding stonework.

Or give us a call on 020 3551 6206. 

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