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Building stone, due to its relative uniformity and physical properties, can be cut and shaped to specified sizes of blocks and is referred to as freestone or dimension stone. Unlike stone in general building construction stone for monumental or decorative use has greater uniformity of both colour and texture. Being a naturally occurring product stone is porous and can suffer from damage caused by airborne carbonic pollution, algae growth on walls with little direct sunlight, run-off from gutters, and incorrect remedial restoration. These effects are not only unsightly but can lead to reducing the breathability of the building fabric which can cause serious damage.

If left unattended, it will eventually affect the structural integrity of the building itself. To ensure problems are tackled before they escalate and become more expensive to correct, it is essential that stone properties undergo regular planned renovation every two to five years.

Our Stone Works Services

The stone experts in our team can work with any detail of exterior stone on and around a building, from steps and kerbstones all the way up the exterior and across the roof. They will clean and colour match replacement stones and fully restore stonework so that it is both appealing to the eye and, most importantly, able to breathe.

Whilst the UK is renowned for the timeless stone properties lining its streets, including St. Paul’s Cathedral, Buckingham Palace, Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey, it is also known for its rainy weather and historic carbon pollution. These two elements are the prime culprits of staining that locks in moisture and prevents stone from breathing.

Historically in London, the use of stone and in particular Portland stone in the rebuilding of important buildings was brought about by the disastrous Great Fire in 1666.

The conservation of such stone buildings is a fundamental part of retaining our unique heritage.

With our Stone Works Service, we provide a comprehensive cleaning and repair service for your commercial or residential stone property. Our team of trained stone experts take a unique approach to each property they work on. You can trust that when Spectrum restores your stone property, they deliver a custom solution for the specific type of stone, damage, height, and wear of your building. From removing graffiti to repairing intricate masonry, our Stone Works service proves sympathetic to the conservation of your stone property!

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Why Use Us For Stone Works?


We work via rope access, abseiling down building exteriors to review condition and action repairs and restoration. We provide our clients with significant savings in project time and scaffolding costs, regularly saving clients between £30,000 to £70,000. Most importantly, our highly skilled stonemasons are trained to abseil and are IRATA credited, instead of being abseilers trying to repair or clean stone.


Endorsed and approved by Stonehealth, our teams are highly trained in conserving and restoring stone structures. Our team of operatives are thorough in their work and take time to identify the best solution for the specific type of stone that exists on your property.

Customer Service

We pride ourselves in providing first-class customer service on every project we work on. As an ISO 9001 accredited company, you can trust that our operatives are highly professional and will put your needs first.

What are Stone Works?

Stone Works is an in-depth redecoration service for commercial and residential stone properties. This service combines various cleaning and repair services to transform your stone property's appearance and integrity.

Our Stone Works service includes:

• Doff Cleaning
• Jos or Torc Cleaning
• Graffiti Removal
• Stone Colour Matching
• Stone Repairs

Stone restoration often involves cleaning, and we recommend a fast and efficient cleaning. In most cases, deep cleaning, using Doff steam cleaning is enough to bring a building back to prime condition. This is a fast and efficient cleaning process where a 'DOFF' machine, unlike simple steam cleaners, produces low pressure superheated steam up to 150º C making it incredibly effective at removing stains and biological matter, whilst, due to low pressure, gently cleaning the substrate without damage.

However, if the stone has carbon pollution, we then utilise the vortex of air, granular mediums, and water emitted from a TORC machine. This ensures stonework is cleaned safely and sympathetically, removing all types of surface coatings, paint and pollutants from all types of stone, creating the ideal basis for conducting any repair or replacement.

Why Might Your Building Require Our Stone Works Service?

Stone, as a natural product, is porous and can suffer from damage caused by an array of organic and inorganic matter, including:

• Pollution
• Mould
• Algae
• Lichen

Along with these substances, man-made coatings such as the cement render applied to properties throughout the country after World War II highly restrict the pores' breathability on stone. Through Stone Works Service, we are able to remove any coatings or matter that could lead to the façade of your property from crumbling and fix any elements that are already starting to break down.

In addition to conserving the structural significance of your property Stone Works services also improve the aesthetic appeal of your property, maintaining and often increasing the asset value of the property!

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What Do Stone Works Projects Include?

Stone Cleaning

Spectrum is experienced in cleaning many different stone types, including varieties of sandstone, limestone, slate, granite, marble, and flint. With the help of DOFF machines and TORC machines, we are able to remove a range of stains!

Stone Colour Matching

We utilise our lab to find precise colour matches to ensure any repair work or re-coating we do looks seamless through our stone colour matching service.

Stone Repairs

No matter the height of the stone element, our team of stonemasons are able to repair it! From cracks to ledges, our team can restore it to its original design.

Our Accreditations

What Our Stone Works Customers' Say

E. Saber

Property Manager

Through the Stone Works service on my property, Spectrum showed their specialist knowledge in restoring stone to its original state. The team was highly knowledgeable in the best practices for cleaning the stone and how gain access of the building.


Senior Property Manager

If you want to work with knowledgeable stone contractors, I recommend working with the team at Spectrum. They have cleaned the repaired several residential stone properties I manage and the results are always immaculate.

R. Franke

Property Manager

Spectrum's Stone Works service is the only stone restoration service you need to maintain the buildings you manage. Not only is this service comprehensive, but the operatives at Spectrum deliver it in the most efficient manner.

G. Raphael


Historic and heritage stone buildings requires knowledgeable contractors with both experience and the right the equipment to ensure success. This is why I recommend Spectrum to work on the stone properties I survey.

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Recent Completed Stone Works Projects

Stone Colour Matching<br>

+plus pointWe employ IRATA-trained stonemasons with extensive knowledge of stonework

Rope Access Stone Repairs

+plus pointOur team of highly credible stone restorers were able to find the exact colour match for the stone by sending it to the lab.

In-Depth Stone and Brick Inspection

+plus pointWe're proud to provide our clients with the best stone inspection and conservation service possible

Torc Cleaning&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;

+plus pointThe powerful yet gentle effects of the DOFF and TORC machines allowed us to remove signs of wear without leaving cracks.

Abseiling Stone Repair

+plus pointOur team is highly skilled in repairing stone, eliminating the need for completely refurbishing the exterior of a property!
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To conserve the natural beauty of your stone property, we recommend utilising steam cleaning for any cleaning projects completed on the exterior of your building.

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Spectrum is at Chelsea, London

At-height stonework repairs are no problem for our team of stonemasons! 💪

As all of our stonemasons are IRATA trained in industrial abseiling, our team is able to deliver high-quality stonework repair services to buildings at any height.

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Whether it's removing black stains or unwanted graffiti, our team of IRATA trained rope access technicians can transform the face of your brick property without the disruption of other access methods like scaffolding and heavy machinery. 👏

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1. Our industrial-grade equipment
2. Our team's ability to utilise this equipment whilst abseiling

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We refer to our Stone Cleaning service as a stone restoration solution due to the unique set of problems each stone property holds.

By approaching each stone property with a problem-solving mindset, our team of professional contractors create bespoke cleaning services for the specific needs of your stone property. 👊

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Do you know what has no nose, no mouth, and no lungs but still breaths?🤔

The answer is: stone!

While it may be hard to believe, your stone building breaths evaporation. When your stone property is covered in stains, the substrate cannot breathe and is prone to crumble! 👎

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Did you know that if your stone property is not routinely professionally cleaned it could be prone to damage?!😯

As displayed in this diagram, it is important that the surface of a stone building is clean to allow the porous stone to release evaporation. 💨

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Stone architecture is a big part of the UK's heritage. These beautiful properties, though, are prone to looking worn and crumbling as stains accumulate on their facade over time, requiring routine cleaning.🧼

Did you know the access method used for these cleaning services also play an instrumental role in conserving your brick property?😧

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Through our Stone Cleaning Service, our team is able to remove an array of stains and organic matter from every element of your stone property, wall sills and all! 😁

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Spectrum is at London

Just like render, the nature of stone facades requires them to be cleaned using specialist equipment. This is why our Stone Cleaning service features Stonehealth's industrial Doff and Torc machines! 💪

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Sure cleaning the build-up of stains and organic matter on your stone wall sills will add to the curb appeal of your property, but the most important reason as to why you should regularly clean these stone features is to prevent the stone from crumbling and cracking due to poor breathability! 👍

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Spectrum is at Brixton, London

The access method used for your stone cleaning maintenance project can make the biggest difference in regards to the cost and timeline of the project. 💵

Common access methods to use when cleaning stone include:
- Scaffolding 
- Cherry Picker
- Rope Access

Discover why we HIGHLY recommend utilising rope access for your next stone cleaning project on our website:

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Have you been considering having a contractor restore the exterior of your stone property but you don't know where to start? ?

We know it can be overwhelming, so we created this simple checklist to help you start your quote!?

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Spectrum is at Richmond, London

Through industry-leading technology like the DOFF and TORC/Jos machine, our professional team of operatives are able to make massive impacts on both the appearance and structure of our clients' properties!?

Just see the results for yourself!?

Want to learn more about how our industry-leading equipment can transform the face of your residential or commercial building? Give us a call ?: 020 3551 6206