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How to Clean Moss Off Stone - Stone Cleaning

Why does moss form?

Knowing the conditions and exactly why moss starts to form is the first step in being able to protect your property from the matter.

Moss is created in damp and dark areas where it can grow on stone surfaces even where there’s no soil. 

Moisture is a key ingredient when it comes to the growth of this substance. Moss can grow on most surfaces as long as there’s enough moisture. So, if your stone surface is frequently being rained on or perhaps a water sprinkler is routinely sprayed onto it, making the surface damp, and leading to the growth of moss.

How do we clean moss off stone?

Our team utilises the DOFF steam cleaning tool to extract and remove unwanted matter, such as algae and moss.

So, what exactly is the DOFF cleaning machine?

This machine works by heating steam at a very high pressure but exerting it at a low pressure. The combination allows your stone surfaced to be cleaned without the need for chemicals, ensuring that your facade is not damaged during the process.

Therefore, the DOFF machine is the perfect solution to effectively and efficiently remove moss from the stone surface.

The benefits of maintaining your stone’s health

You may be asking yourself “how important actually is it to maintain the health and aesthetic of my stone?”

Well, a regular clean or a minor repair will potentially save you thousands of pounds further down the line, as these defects, which may seem insignificant at the time, can create a domino effect of property disasters in the near future.

So, the answer to your question is, that stone maintenance is very important, frequently booking stone conservation services for your property is key to saving yourself costly projects on larger repair jobs.

Get in Touch

Is your stone wall, steps, ledge or property covered in moss, lichen or algae?

If so, you are in the right place.

Our team withhold the effective machinery and expert knowledge needed to transform your stone back to its original glory. 

Repair your damage sooner rather than later, and get in touch today.

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