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How To Repair Stonework
- Stone Repairs

From the Moai statues at Easter Island to the Washington Monument, stonemasons have given us some of the most recognisable buildings and iconic statues of all time. Their work can seem indestructible, timeless even, but the truth is much scarier. Stonework is notoriously porous and therefore surprisingly susceptible to damage. Organic growth (such as mould), water from overflowing gutter systems, carbon staining, weather and more are all major threats to stonework. While they may initially only cause aesthetic damage, stains and pollutants will eventually clog up the stone’s pores, effectively choking it and leading to severe structural damage.

In addition to dramatically reducing the value of your property, crumbling stonework will leave a terrible impression on clients, tenants, guests and investors. 

Is Your Stonework In Need of Repair?

If your stone property has already begun to show signs of disrepair—if it has begun spalling, for example—it is imperative that you act fast to reverse any damage and prevent further degradation. Spectrum is proud to have a team of stonework experts who have undergone specialist stone repair and masonry courses. Our methods achieve top results every time, and our commitment to doing right by the customer means that you’ll spend less for that high level of quality.

How Spectrum Repairs Stone

Spectrum’s stonework repair experts harness extensive training and colour matching experience to restore stonework of any variety—from steps, to walls, to statues and even paving stones. Our cutting edge colour matching capabilities mean that there will be no discernible difference between the original stone and the repair work; every Spectrum repair is 100% seamless.

Our systematic process, proven by years of happy clients, is as follows:

Cost of Stone Repair

It’s common for companies offering stone repairs to erect vast scaffolding structures in order to carry out their work. This is both costly and time-consuming, as the raw materials and time required for scaffolding add up incredibly quickly. Ironically, the drilling necessary to secure scaffold ties can also damage the very stone façades they’re meant to be repairing. There are situations where scaffolding is the way to go, but stonework repair isn’t one.

Conversely, by using rope access methods like abseiling, Spectrum is able to evade the costs associated with scaffolding as well as the average time-to-completion. Both of these, in addition to the sheer efficiency of abseiling, will result in drastically reduced ultimate costs for you.

Stone Care

It’s important to highlight that stone repairs are something you should never have to deal with if you practice the basics of good stone care. Establishing a regular appointment (annually, for instance) with a professional stone cleaning service should ensure that you’re never left facing a choked-out substrate or crumbling façade. After all, it’s the buildup of stains, organic matter and pollutants which prevent stone from breathing, and that’s what leads to cracks, chips and eventually structural damage.

When choosing a stone maintenance provider, try to ensure that they use steam-based cleaning methods. The alternative, pressure washing, will strip away the thin protective layer known as the patina, further exposing your stonework to more damage. Furthermore, we recommend you opt for a service which uses abseiling as a primary access method, due to the decreased costs and increased efficiency associated with it. 

Got any questions about stone repairs or maintenance? Get in touch! Our team will be happy to provide straightforward guidance and practical advice.

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