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How to Repair a Stone Wall - Stone Repairs

Why your property might require our stone repairs service:

From a minor crack to a larger split in your stone wall, our expert stonemasons can repair and renovate it, but you may be thinking exactly why your wall requires our stone repair service? 

Well, all building exteriors are vulnerable to different climatic conditions, rapid temperature changes and harsh weather months. These elements will eventually lead to considerable damage to the face of your stone. 

The process of a stone wall repair

Our professional stonemasons follow a three-step process in order to transform your stone wall back to its original glory.

The benefits of using Spectrum

Our professional team provide long term solutions, holding an eye for detail and cost-effective services. 

Here at Spectrum, we recognise the value of not only the appearance of your stonework but also the integrity of your entire property surrounding it. This is why our stonemasons not only have the experience of repairing a range of different stone types but have a trained eye for detail. 

With our preferred form of access being via rope, we provide maximum results without the need for expensive scaffolding. In fact, we have saved previous clients upwards of £25k on their major restoration projects just by access methods alone. 

Get in Touch

Our friendly team of experts are always more than happy to answer any questions or queries that you may have so do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. 

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