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Timber is a natural and relatively inexpensive material that has been used in buildings since time immemorial! Before the onset of modern materials such as UPVC timber was the primary material for window frames and decorative cladding. Indeed, the architectural character of all period and historic buildings and residences is in, great part, due to the use of timber.

Whilst, externally, timber as in window frames can last 30-40 years it is essential that regular inspection is carried out as part of a planned maintenance programme every 5 years!

Our Timber Works And Window Refurbishment Service

Our Technicians are specialists in the refurbishment or renewal of exterior timber.

This ranges from inspection to determining the best course of action for an optimum outcome.

Agree with the cooperation of the Building Surveyor what the most appropriate treatment or scope of works that would need to take place. The benefits of this work can be summarised as follows:

- Maintaining the asset value of the property

- Restoring by repair or partial replacement of wooden windows and sash replacement where required

- Repainting

- Ensuring the bond between the frame and glass is cohesive to eliminate draughts, improve heat retention and sound insulation.

Where it is deemed necessary when window frames show sign of rot, we commission experienced carpentry to replicate the original frame and preserve the original architectural character. Where damage is extensive due to rot our Technicians are experienced in the application of Repair Dry Flex 4 -2022001, which is a professional product that allows the speedy repair of areas that appear to be beyond rescue.

When dealing with listed buildings no planning permission is required if the windows are not being replaced but we always advise that checks are made before the work begins to avoid any issues at a later time.

Specialists In Timber And Sash Windows

Our experts are specialists in tackling all timber renovation projects and our service covers any woodwork on the exterior of a building that requires repairs. Once assessed they determine the best and cost-effective solution for the long-term. As they are always mindful of maintaining the character of a property, our team will only replace and refurbish what is needed and do not consider full replacement if any alternatives will work. Using the latest skills, repair products and paint, we restore timber windows back to their beautiful and functional condition and have completed many prominent projects on a range of homes across London and the whole of the U.K.

Why Might Your Building Require Timber Treatments?

If you notice visible damage or can feel that the wood has gone soft, it is time to make an assessment of the condition of all windows and woodwork, especially if other examples were installed at the same time or before. Other signs of wooden windows requiring work include increased draughts, slipping glass, crumbling putty, peeling paint, significant damp on the inside of windows leading to growth of mould and wood dust or particles on sills.

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Why Use Us For Timber Works and Window Refurbishment?


No matter the element of your property requiring our Timber Works and Window Refurbishment services, you can trust that our highly trained team has the expertise to complete the work.


Through our restoration services, we are able to prolong the life of a property’s wooden windows! You can considerably extend the lifespan of your windows by carrying out casement and sash window repairs at the earliest sign of damage. We are able to offer additional cost savings to our clients by providing scaffold-free services.


Accredited with the ISO 9001, you can trust that you will always be met with professionalism when you work with Spectrum.

What Are Timber Works and Window Refurbishments?

It’s the repair, restoration and preservation of wood which has become damaged for any number of reasons. Age, weather, insects and sometimes the building structure itself. Damage to windows may sometimes be the first indication of other structural problems and act as a useful call to action, so it always makes sense to commission a survey at the earliest opportunity. In doing so, the cost of the final repair will always be less than if you allow time to pass, especially as deterioration due to weather and insect damage can accelerate exponentially.

Why Is Regular Planned Maintenance Vital For Wooden Window Frames?

As wood is a natural material it is subject to seasonal climate conditions as in Winter months or periods of high humidity wood will absorb moisture and expand, and in Summer or dry conditions it will contract. This constant flexing will cause problems when wood is used for window frames as it will be noticed that the opening part of the window becomes stiff to open or close in Winter or periods of high humidity.

In the glazing of windows this flexing, according to climatic conditions, will cause the putty, that is used to retain the glass in the frame, to deteriorate and even come away from the wood or glass. This in turn can lead to gaps and hence draughts from the windows.

Further the constant flexing will cause the paint on the surface of the wood to crack and lift exposing the wood below which will ultimately lead to rot and this can happen in a relatively short time unless noted and remedial work is undertaken.

Insects can also have a detrimental effect on timber as they penetrate the surface to feed on the natural sap within the wood which then allows mould spores or algae to penetrate it and accelerate the deterioration. Timely intervention via regular inspection will save money.

Repair Rather Than Replace Your Windows

Repairing windows always makes senses as it generally is more economical and causes less disruption. On older properties and listed buildings, we aim to always retain as much of the original timber as possible. Older timber can be prone to warping or gaps around the frame and this can be resolved with draught sealing and other adjustments. If the window is not being replaced you generally don’t require planning permission. However, with listed buildings we always advise checking first to ensure no issues can be raised after work is completed.

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What Can Timber Works and Window Refurbishment Be Used For?

Draught Proofing

If your windows are letting in draughts and allowing heat to escape, the solution can be as simple as draught proofing, saving the costs and disruption of installing new windows. If the condition of the wood is good, original timber windows can benefit from this relatively simple fix. Original windows can often be draught proofed, or new sashes can be installed into the existing window boxes, without the whole window needing to be replaced.

Sash Windows

Sash and timber frame windows are beautiful, long-lasting and effective, so long as they are well cared for. Through our Timber Works services, our team of restoration specialists can repair and refresh the wooden frames of your window, even for your sash windows!

Damp and Rotted Wood

Damp and changeable weather are a major problem for wooden elements. Once timber moisture content reaches over 20%, timber windows with exposed wood will start to rot. Equally, damp on the inside of windows can be just as damaging so always take care to ventilate your home. Replacing the rotted wood, our team is able to restore the wooden elements of your property to pristine conditions.

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What Our Timber Works and Window Refurbishment Customers' Say

M. Octiavian

Property Manager

Spectrum recently repaired the timber wooden windows on the property I manage. Through their years of specialist experience in repairing timber elements on properties and their expertise in rope access, the final product of the project looked uneblievable.

R. Berry

Property Manager

Spectrum Specialist Support are truly specialists in restoring the exterior of buildings. When asked to repair the timber windows on the property I manage that were difficult to gain access to, they relished in the challenged and were able to find a solution with ease, leaving the frames of the window in pristine condition.

G. Schvar

Property Manager

I highly recommend going to Spectrum for timber repair services for the outside of your property. Their team of operatives are highly trained and very friendly.

W. Diemas

Property Manager

Thank you Spectrum for repairing the historical sash windows on the buildin I manage! Just when I had accepted there was no solution to resotring the delicate windows frames on the proeprty, Spectrum proved me wrong and managed to repair the worn elements of the frames while maintaining their original aesthetic.

What Our Google Reviews Say


Grace Taylor2 months ago

I have been using spectrum at multiple properties we manage for a nearly 2 years now, the admin team are always quick to respond and answer all our questions efficiently. The works are carried out swiftly and to a very high standard. Will always recommend Spectrum to my clients and colleagues.

Oli Sommerfelt5 months ago

Professional, attentive and a high quality end result.

JMM 94131 year ago

Brilliant service and extremely friendly staff.

Timucin Lam1 year ago

Brilliant service, we used the roof cleaning service and would highly recommend using these guys.

Ryan Wibisono4 weeks ago

Great guys, and the job is well done. Communication is fantastic throughout.

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Abseiling Sash Window Repairs

+plus pointAt Spectrum, we train our skilled decorator to abseil, ensuring they provide the highest quality refurbishments while also working at height!
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