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How to Repair Wooden Sash Windows - Timber Works

Sash windows first appeared in England in the 17th Century. Most often associated with period properties from the Edwardian and Victorian periods, these iconic architectural features remain popular with new builds, where their addition brings a distinct heritage feel.

Traditionally made from timber, sash windows provide excellent ventilation, and can last 30-40 years – provided they are well looked after. Keen to learn more about timber sash window and how to care for them? Then read on and discover everything you need to know about maintaining and repairing sash windows, direct from the Spectrum experts.

What Are Sash Windows?

Sash windows consist of two glazed frames or “sashes” with one positioned in front of the other. These glazed windows sit inside a frame, which is fixed to the house. Instead of opening on a hinge, traditional box sash windows move up and down on vertical grooves.

Within these two frames are rows of small matching panes of glass joined together by horizontal and vertical wooden pieces called glazing bars. This is a distinctive part of the sash window aesthetic. Although sash windows follow no set design, a classic arrangement includes three panes across by two up on each sash, creating a six-over-six panel window. 

How Do Sash Windows Work?

A traditional timber sash window functions on a cord, weights and pulleys system, which works to counterbalance the sashes and allows for a smooth sliding movement. The intricate mechanisms that provide this functionality are neatly hidden in a box within the frame. Modern sash windows, however, more often use a spring balance system, which is a compact alternative to the weight-based system. 

Wooden Sash Window Restoration: When Is It Necessary?

Maintaining the looks and spec of your wooden sash windows requires routine inspections from a specialist technician; these should be booked in every 5 years. Regularly assessing your sash window frames yourself is also important as most issues – aside from timber decay – are clearly visible. Doing so can help reduce the chance of costly wooden sash window restoration works in the future.

You may have a problem with your sash windows if you notice any of the following:

Keeping external paint work in good condition is a vital part of sash window maintenance, as this is what protects the putty and wood underneath from the elements. So, if you notice any peeling paint, it’s time to call in an expert or sharpen those DIY skills! Sanding, priming and repainting a sash windowsill is a relatively straight-forward task – unlike the other repair work on this list, which require the services of timber restoration technicians. 

How to Repair Wooden Sash Windows

Are you and your damaged wooden sash window London-located? Are you looking for a local expert to provide repairs? Then why not talk to Spectrum. Our highly trained technicians specialise in tackling timber sash windows renovation projects. We will carry out a thorough assessment of the damage before advising you on the best – and most cost-effective – course of action. 

As a team, we pride ourselves on our ability to perform sensitive and skilled restoration work. Using the latest industry innovations, repair products and paint, we will do our utmost to maintain the character of a property, and only replace and refurbish what is absolutely necessary.

In practice, this means commissioning experienced carpenters to replicate an original window frame when it has been damaged by rot. It also involves the application of Repair Dry Flex 4 -2022001, a professional product that rapidly repairs areas that appear to be beyond rescue. 

Our services do more than preserve original architectural character, however, they also prolong the life of their timber sash windows for the long-term, savings our clients money in future repairs. The Spectrum team are also IRATA trained in industrial abseiling and can repair windows via rope access (we can reach any window, wherever it is located). This means we provide an unrivalled service and yet more cost savings for our clients.

Get In Touch

Do you have a traditional timber sash window that needs renovating? Interested in our wooden sash window: London repairs services? Then get in touch with Spectrum for guidance or a quote!

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