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Torc cleaning


Stone Fountain Conservation

Combining the powers of TORC and DOFF cleaning, our operatives resotred the exterior of this London stone fountain. 

Stone property conservation can be a tough job to get right. Removing stains and erasing discolouration is one thing, but doing so without damaging the structure is a much greater challenge. When an existing London-based client approached us to restore and clean an ageing yet often-used stone fountain, our team proved they were up to the task.

Our team encountered issues, but where other contractors had given up or settled for sub-par results, our team persevered. Ultimately, they succeeded, demonstrating their mastery of stone property conservation, DOFF cleaning and the TORC cleaning system in the process.

The Project

The problems in need of addressing were twofold: obviously, the surface-level staining needed to be removed, but there was also a deeper level of staining which was preventing the stone from being able to “breathe”. This can be disastrous for the stonework, leading to moisture build-up, mould and eventually irreparable levels of structural deterioration. Thankfully, our team—as experienced stone property TORC cleaning providers—were able to address both issues and cement themselves as unrivalled stone cleaning London champions.

The Site

Our team had their work cut out for them if they were to see this job done right without causing inadvertent damage. With the fragility of old, weathered stonework, it would have been easy to select the wrong tools or solutions, permanently damaging the structure. At the same time, failure to properly restore the fountain’s ability to breathe would lead to permanent damage in the long run anyway. It was a balancing act, one that would require planning, knowledge and a great amount of care.

The Logistics

There was a lot of preparation to be done even before unloading the equipment. For instance, the typically busy site needed to be cleared of people. In addition, the stonework itself had to be assessed so our team could gauge the severity of the staining and whether any harmful substances might be released by the use of the DOFF or TORC cleaning systems. Thankfully, it was concluded that no harmful substances were at risk of being released.

Before Spectrum could execute the operation, the DOFF system had to be safely descaled and prepared for use via an acidic solution. This ensured it was performing at peak efficiency. If any of the solutions had been spilled, they would have been neutralised with chalk or limestone dust and disposed of. When stone TORC cleaning became a requirement, our team had to carefully and safely prepare the TORC cleaning system. This involved ensuring that the compressed air component was securely attached and that any potential fuel spillage could be safely collected before it could cause damage.

Stone Property Conservation Expertise

Both the DOFF and TORC cleaning systems were key to this stone property conservation job’s success. DOFF cleaning involves the use of superheated steam to remove stains, algae and graffiti from a wide range of exterior surfaces. Our team is trained in the proper preparation and handling of the DOFF system, and it’s this training that served them so well here. Unfortunately, while DOFF is known for working well on stone, there was still persistent staining which was too heavy for it to handle and threatened the structural integrity of the fountain itself. Needless to say, a different approach was needed.

Our team’s expertise and ability to think on their feet meant that they were able to devise a next step of the process without retreating from the job and incurring more costs for their client. Spectrum was to utilise its stone property TORC cleaning system to release the grime clogging up the stonework and help it breathe once again. This piece of expert equipment, along with our team’s insight in knowing when to use it, was how they managed to achieve the results our clients were desperate for. On top of that, it ensured the continued existence of the stone fountain, which remains a hotspot for residents and visitors to this day.

TORC Cleaning

Spectrum’s TORC cleaning system is actually relatively gentle, using a fuel-powered vortex motion to achieve results with its calcium carbonate-infused water spray. This vortex maintains a high temperature, just like the DOFF system, but its unique vortex motion means that it can remove far heavier stains and unclog the minute pores found in stonework without causing any unnecessary damage. For this reason, it’s an invaluable tool for stone cleaning London, particularly its historic and culturally significant structures. Learn more about our Torc Cleaning service here.

Specialist Stone Restoration

Applying our specialists' knowledge on the proper handling of stone structures, our team of operatives applied our Doff Cleaning and Torc Cleaning services to gently restore this property's fountain. The results of our restoration work didn't just leave the fountain looking aesthetically pleasing, it also helped maintain the fountain's structural integrity as the porous stone substrate could breathe once more.

Deliverying Results

 “We are very pleased with the results delivered on this project. By combining the powers of DOFF and TORC cleaning, we were able to deliver results to both the appearance of the fountain and its structural integrity as the stone can now breath again.”
-Lucian Ivan, Spectrum MD

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