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with patented cleaning systems...

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One of the most effective and powerful techniques we use, DOFF cleaning produces outstanding results every time. The system uses super-heated steam to efficiently remove stains, discolouration and organic matter from the exterior surface of a building. Suitable for use on a wide variety of materials, it can be used to completely transform and restore the façade of a property and return the building to its original aesthetic condition.

What is DOFF cleaning?

DOFF steam cleaning is a fast and efficient cleaning process. This tool heats water to a much higher temperature than conventional softwashing cleaners. The machines are able to heat steam to temperatures of 150 degrees Celsius. At this temperature, steam is incredibly effective at removing stains, discolouration, organic matter and paint from the exterior surface of a building.

This system is widely used to aesthetically renovate the façades of domestic and commercial properties. The process allows operatives to restore surfaces quickly and easily. It's also mobile and can easily be transported to different locations. This makes it ideal for use on-site and allows operatives to use the resource wherever it is needed.

As DOFF system uses low-pressure water, and the substrate is not damaged during the process. This is a very important property of the cleaning system and makes it ideal for use with modern render and other commonly utilised building materials.

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Why Use Us For DOFF Cleaning?

Bespoke Patented

Our bespoke, designed, and patented equipment allows us to tackle high-temperature low-pressure steam cleaning like nobody else.

No Scaffolding

Our patented modular pole system enables us to clean from the safety of the ground and for those hard to reach areas our IRATA trained abseilers are on hand to support. That means you entire façade can be cleaned with no scaffolding saving you thousands of pounds in access costs.


We have a proven track record of success in tackling complex elevations. Check out our case Studies for more information.

What can DOFF cleaning be used for?

DOFF cleaning is a versatile and effective method of restoring and renovating property exteriors. It has a wide range of applications, including paint and graffiti removal, algae cleaning and stain removal. It can be used on both domestic and commercial properties and, when the correct equipment and training are utilised, can be used at height.

Paint Removal

One of the most common applications of this machine is paint removal. Paint needs to be removed from buildings for a variety of reasons. In some cases, peeling paint needs to be cleaned off before redecoration work can begin. In other cases, the paint may need to be removed because it is creating an eyesore or has been applied as an act of vandalism.

The DOFF high-temperature, low-pressure steam system can effectively remove most internal and external oil and water-based paints. It can also be used to remove varnishes and bitumastic and thermoplastics coatings without causing shock or harm to the substrate.

Graffiti Removal

Graffiti is a serious issue for many property management companies. Finding an efficient and effective way of removing graffiti can help these companies to keep their buildings in good condition.

The DOFF restoration system is often used to remove stubborn graffiti stains from interior and exterior surfaces. By combining the technique with either chemical or mechanical solutions, a wide variety of paints can be quickly removed from all areas of a building. These include spray paints, cellulose, lead-based and water-based paints.

Algae Cleaning

Algae is commonly found growing on exterior surfaces. If left untreated, it can cause serious discolouration over time. With the use of DOFF pressure washing systems, we are able to effectively and efficiently remove algae from all types of brick, stone and cladding without the risk of damage to the substrate.

Carbon Staining Cleaning

When carbon monoxide builds up on the surface of a substrate, it can begin to eat away at the stone, altering its physical appearance. Once this is removed, the restored stonework will have a fresh, renovated look and the façade of the property will be restored to its original aesthetic condition.

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What Can DOFF Cleaning Be Used For?


The doff high steam cleaning system can effectively remove most internal and external oil and water-based paints, varnishes, bitumastic and thermoplastics coatings without causing shock or harm to the substrate.


For stubborn stains, the doff high steam cleaning system can be a very efficient way of cleaning graffiti. Using either chemical or mechanical solutions, various types of paint, including but not limited to spray-paints, cellulose, lead-based, water-based, can be removed from all building and structure façades.


With the use of industry-leading technology, we're able to effectively and efficiently remove algae from all types of brick, stone or surface without the risk of damage to the substrate.

Carbon Staining

A build-up of carbon monoxide that settles into the surface of the substrate, eating away at the stone and altering the physical appearance, which once removed, allows the restored stonework to have an ‘as new’ and fresh look.

Our Accreditations

What Our DOFF Cleaning Customers' Say

B. Vincents

Property Manager

Spectrum's Doff Cleaning service has compltely rejuvinated my brick property. The building had clearly been discoloured through the years, but I did not realise the severity of the discolouration until after Spectrum steam cleaned the building. Needless to say, Spectrum's Doff Cleaning services exceeded my expectations.

T. De Beavers

Property Manager

I use to believe the only way to properly clean grime off of the exterior of a building was through a power washer, but Spectrum's Doff Cleaning service proved the best results come from steam! Thank you to the team of experts at Spectrum for helping clean and preserve my property.

W. Childers

Property Manager

Innovative, professional, and hard-working, Spectrum are the only contractors I trust to clean and repair the exterior of my property.

A. Jane

Property Manager

Spectrum's custom-designed, patented Doff cleaning poles have been instrumental in the maintenance of the buildings I manage. I appreciate their innovative and determined spirit as they solve even the most challenging access problems.

What Our Google Reviews Say


Dzessika Riekstina1 year ago

Amazing company! I’d highly recommend! I’ve asked for render and windows cleaning and they did a stunning job. The teams are highly skilled professionals, reliable and very friendly. As well as communication are exceptional! Very trust worthy!

Grace Taylor2 months ago

I have been using spectrum at multiple properties we manage for a nearly 2 years now, the admin team are always quick to respond and answer all our questions efficiently. The works are carried out swiftly and to a very high standard. Will always recommend Spectrum to my clients and colleagues.

Keegan Esterhuizen1 year ago

Spectrum are excellent! Always on time and so professional. Raquel is a pleasure to deal with. So polite and respectful. Would HIGHLY recommend Spectrum.

Diondra West1 year ago

Brilliant cleaning contractors! Extremely happy with the cladding and restoration job the did for us. Will be using them again.

Chris Sansom9 months ago

Very helpful and friendly guys. Shaky English, but that didn’t really matter - they got the job done remarkably quickly and, as far as I can tell, thoroughly, showing me photos of the work afterwards. They even, at my request, put what they got out of the gutters in a bucket to go on our compost heap!

Trusted By

Recent Completed DOFF Cleaning Projects

Render Stain Removal

+plus pointThrough the extremely heated steam applied in our P.A.S.T cleaning system, our team removed all signs of carbon monoxide stains on this property!

Professional Paint Removal 

+plus pointOur machines are able to heat steam to 150 degrees Celsius.

External redecorations

+plus pointUsing portable anchor points, our team of IRATA trained abseilers were able to redecorate the exterior of this waterside property.  

Clean Your Listed Building Instead of Painting!

+plus pointCleaning listed buildings regularly prolongs the time in between painting cycles!

Why use Spectrum for DOFF cleaning?

Spectrum operatives have extensive experience working with this effective system. They’re able to fully utilise the technology to remove paint, algae, pollutants and other discolouration from the exterior of a building. If this staining is located in an elevated position, our team can use their expertise in access to reach the problem area and make it look as good as new.

Protecting our listed buildings

The system used by Spectrum is the only one accredited by English Heritage for use on their protected buildings. Using steam rather than pressure to remove discolouration and staining helps to protect and restore surface textures and finishes and minimises damage to the buildings during the works. This is one of the main reasons that Spectrum use the DOFF steam cleaning system for specialist work in London and the South East.

A Bespoke Approach

Spectrum combines the use of this system with our own bespoke, patented equipment. These specially designed pieces dramatically increase our reach, allowing our operatives to reach areas that would otherwise be impossible to access. This approach lets our teams manipulate high-temperature, low-pressure steam like nobody else.

Easy Access

Many of the DOFF steam cleaning jobs we take on require our teams to work at height. Removing paint, algae, staining and graffiti from high-rise buildings and other large properties is often only made possible by using rope access, MEWPs and specialist equipment. Spectrum has extensive experience using all types of access equipment. This means our operatives are able to reach every corner of a building without the use of scaffolding, something that can save our clients a considerable amount of money.

A lot of the time, our patented modular pole system enables us to clean from the safety of the ground. When rope access is required, our IRATA trained abseilers are on hand to support the ground-based cleaning team.

A Skilled and Experienced Team

Over the years, Spectrum has used this tool to remove stains, discolouration and organic matter to restore a number of complex elevations. This extensive experience and proven track record means we are the perfect choice for your next cleaning project.

To find out more about the DOFF steam machine, the services we offer and the projects we have previously worked on, explore our site or get in touch with an expert member of our team.

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DOFF Cleaning in Putney, London

Question: Can you guess which tool we have used to achieve this effective before and after result?


Click here to reveal the answer:


DOFF Cleaning in Fulham, London

The Doff Steam Cleaning Machine.

This is one of the most effective and most powerful techniques that we use.

"What can it be used for?"

Well, this tool is very versatile and can be used for:

- Paint Removal
- Graffiti Removal
- Algae Cleaning
- Carbon Staining Cleaning

Get a free quote with us today so that we can start transforming your property:


DOFF Cleaning in Surbiton, London 

What CAN the Doff cleaning machine do, you ask? More like what CAN'T it do?

The doff steam cleaning tool can be used to remove unwanted dirt and marks on your property, from graffiti removal to algae cleaning, it's the most versatile and effective method of cleaning. 

Want to learn more? Visit our website to further extend your knowledge on the doff steam cleaning machine:


DOFF Cleaning in Brixton, London

Here is an in action shot of one of our highly trained abseilers performing a DOFF cleaning service. He's connected to two ropes enabling him to manoeuvre safely and efficiently across the whole of this building's exterior.👊

The DOFF cleaning machine is one of our most effective and versatile methods of cleaning. Visit our website today to learn more about our DOFF cleaning services:


DOFF Cleaning in Wandsworth, London

A really effective way in which our team can transform the appeal of your brickwork is with using a DOFF cleaning machine. It is a versatile and functional method of restoring property exteriors using the gentle power of the extreme stream. 

Visit our website here to discover more about our DOFF Cleaning service:


DOFF Cleaning in Embankment, London

Doff steam cleaning is one of the most versatile property cleaning methods. From removing black stains on stonework to algae on metal cladding to unwanted paint on timber, our team can provide incredible cleaning results through our Dofff cleaning service at any height!

Click here to learn more about our Doff Cleaning service:


DOFF Cleaning in Wandsworth, London

With the use of the DOFF machine's industry-leading technology, we're able to effectively and efficiently remove algae from all types of brick, stone or surface without the risk of damage to the substrate!

Book our DOFF cleaning service on our website here:


DOFF Cleaning in Richmond, London

Why do we recommend cleaning stains on stone with high-temperature steam instead of pressure?

1. Unlike pressure, steam will not leave hairline cracks on the substrate's surface. 
2. Steam kills and draws out the organic matter in the pores of the substrate. 
3. As steam is gentle, it can effectively clean your stone without harming the stone's patina

Discover how we transform the exterior of stone buildings with our industrial steam cleaning equipment here:


DOFF Cleaning in Hackney, London

In this project, a construction company came to us with an urgent request to remove the numbers painted on a multistory car park after the numbers were painted in the wrong order. 😧

Read here to learn how our team utilised our Doff steam cleaning system and problem-solving skills to overcome challenges ranging from a lack of water supply to decreasing pressure from elevation changes to remove the paint on this carpark:


DOFF Cleaning in Wapping, London

Calling all property managers! 👋
Have you ever thought about having your property doff cleaned? 🤔

Substrates will often need deep cleaning during a restoration project. Luckily, doff cleaning can be used on many different substrates and restore them to former glory!

There are lots of benefits to using doff cleaning. This is why we decided to put together a full guide to doff cleaning specifically for property managers! Read it here:


DOFF Cleaning in Ealing, London

Every property requires a little TLC every now and then! With our Doff Cleaning service, Spectrum can transform the exterior of your property and leave it looking as good as new. ✨

Read our blog to learn what a Doff Cleaning service is and how it's able to transform the facade of your property:


DOFF Cleaning in Dagenham, London

Have you heard of DOFF cleaning? 🧐

DOFF cleaning could be the perfect solution to tackle nasty build-ups on your property's exterior!

At Spectrum, as premium DOFF cleaning contractors, we go above and beyond the call of duty to provide you with the best experts, equipment and knowledge. 🧠

Read our Step by Step Guide to find out if DOFF cleaning is the solution for you:


DOFF Cleaning in Shoreditch, London

No matter how old the graffiti stain is or whether it is on mortar or stone, our graffiti cleaning system has a proven track record in removing difficult stains! ?

Combining the extremely heated steam from a DOFF machine and the non-abrasive vertex emitted from our TORC/Jos machine, there is no unwanted paint our team cannot remove! ?

Visit our website to learn more about our professional Graffiti Removal service here:


DOFF Cleaning in Pimlico, London

We often discuss how we utilise the powers of DOFF and TORC machines to clean stone facades, but what is the difference between these cleaning methods??

1. The DOFF machine emits extremely heated steam to clean masonry, while the TORC machine utilises a swirling vertex of compressed air, fine abrasion and water.
2. The DOFF machine is our preferred method for cleaning the majority of stains and organic matter from stone buildings.
3. We utilise the TORC machine, though, when the stains are deeply ingrained into the pores of the stones, including efflorescence!

Get in touch to see if we can combine these cleaning methods to revive your stone facade:
? 020 3551 6206


DOFF Cleaning in Whitehall, London

Experiment time! Take a piece of string and pull it as hard as you can until it snaps. Now take two pieces of string and pull them- which one was easier to break?

Just as two strings are stronger when pulled than one, we have found that combining two cleaning systems when removing deep stains on stone and brick properties is better than just one! ?

By first applying the steam from a DOFF machine and then the swirling vertex from a TORC/Jos machine, we are able to remove deeply engrained stain from even the most porous of property facades! ?


DOFF Cleaning in Belgravia, London

The beautiful stone fountain was deeply stained after years of use and exposure to the elements.

By combining the abrasive powers of Doff and Torc cleaning, we were able to conserve this fountain's beauty and allow the stone to breathe again! ?

Read the details of this case study on our website here?


DOFF Cleaning in Piccadilly Circus, London

Are yellow, orange, or green patches growing on the stone elements of your property?

These are most likely spores- microscopic organic matter that floats in the air and builds on porous surfaces. You can try to paint over it, but that most likely will only be a short-term fix as it traps moisture and forms unappealing blisters.?

A few years ago, I tested every method under the sun to try to find the best solution for removing spores. The best solution I found was the extremely heated steam from a DOFF machine! To make this system more effective, I even developed and patented brushes to use with the DOFF machine!?

You can learn more about how we have harnessed the power of the Doff machine to clean stone on our website:


DOFF Cleaning in East London

It is inevitable that the substrates composing the exterior of your property will age and discolour over time. Through the application of extremely heated steam, though, our team of operatives are able to make signs of ageing completely disappear! ?
No, it's not magic- it's Doff steam cleaning!✨

Read our blog to learn more about the benefits this cleaning solution can provide to the exterior of your property here?


DOFF Cleaning in South London

The DOFF machine has transformed the way we are able to clean the exterior of properties! From silicone render to heritage stone, the extremely heated steam from this machine has proven to clean off stains and signs of wear without causing damage to the exterior of the property!?

Read our 'Ultimate Guide to Doff Cleaning' to learn more about this powerful cleaning method and how we use it to transform the face of buildings:


DOFF Cleaning in Brixton, London

One of the most rewarding parts of being in property maintenance is getting to see what lies underneath years of grime and wear. ?

While the results may not always be immediate, it can be remarkable what can be unveiled after applying some extremely heat steam from a DOFF machine!